One of the important issues for Kurdish Muslims is the issue of marriage and how to find the suitable partner. Muslims do not choose their partner in practices that are not Islamic. Due to the social isolation and spread of the community over a vast geographic area choosing a right partner becomes extremely difficult. As most of the marriage sites if not all adopt non Islamic methods, we found ourselves obliged to introduce our idea of Shariah marriage site where families will be participating in the processes from the beginning to the end. Our site is tailored to suit the conservative and Shariah marriage. Currently the site is for the Kurdish community only, but we hope that in future we will expand it to other Muslim communities too.

The steps and procedures which we adopt are comprehensive and strict and employ Shariah moral standards.

Our service is free and therefore we call those who wish to marry to visit our site and register their names. Remember that you are going to take an oath when you giving your information this is necessary to remind applicants of the seriousness of the action they are taking.

The site is one of the activities of Salahuddin Trust:
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