Before any initial contact is made between the members and their respective families, we initiate a security and identity check and then give out details with your consent only
We have a high security procedure that will enable profiles and pictures to stay private from the public and non-members. We prioritise the privacy and safety of all our members and take it as an amanah (trust) to keep them secure.
Yes we can provide free advice. Send us an email or call us. Click here for our Contact Us page.
No, your personal details will remain private and will not be available to the public or any other member.
Our system will automatically match your selected criteria to your profile, after which we will send those matches to your account.
Once you are interested in a profile, click the ‘show interest’ button. Thereafter once both members show interest to one another, we will contact you to go through the rest of the procedure.
This button will tell the member you are interested in their profile and give them a chance to look at your profile too.
We do not believe in nor encourage dating and time wasting when it comes to looking for one’s partner. Therefore, our service does not encourage private messaging between two members as this is disliked in Islam. The prophet (saw) said “No man is alone with a woman but the Shaytaan will be the third one present” (Bukhari & Muslim).
Only those members who have been granted authorisation to see your picture will see your picture, otherwise it will remain private. Also, only female staff from our team will see female pictures and male pictures will be seen by our male staff.
You may delete your account at any time, however there is a no refund policy. If you are encountering any issues, then please contact us so we can resolve it for you.
We make it compulsory to register a legal representative/ (wali) for exchanging your contact details. We do not allow for any chatting or instant messaging services to regulate any unrestricted, mixed gendered interactions. Your pictures are not viewable by users without your permission and approval from your wali. Unlike other sites, we do not organise singles gatherings of any nature.

We encourage users who really like any prospects to meet others in the company of their representatives to see them in person and ask further questions so you can make the best decision insha’Allah.
Currently the full membership is free of charge, and we may in the future charge certain amounts as a membership fees. However, we welcome unconditional donation at any-time.
First of all, only the members have access to the profiles, then no one will see your image, but those who you give permission to, and prior to this you will access their profile and will see their image too. Most importantly, your image and identity will be kept by an honourable administrator, where the ladies’ images and identities will be kept by a lady and the men’ images and identities will be kept by a man. Plus, no one knows who is who just by looking at the profile.
We always endeavour to seek the assistance of UK scholars who have extensive experience in dealing with matrimonial matters. This is important because they are more likely to understand the circumstances of our members. It also helps us to operate in accordance to best Islamic practices. In addition we seek other scholar's advice worldwide
We make a significant effort to examine each application is complete to higher standards, verify counter signatories and have dedicated staff ( committee from ladies and men) to administer as quickly and efficiently as possible
Many existing matrimonial sites serve the wider international Muslim community; whereas we focus our efforts domestically in the UK. Europe
We are currently seeking a suitable location to call our head office. We will notify members of any new development via the website. We ask users to keep themselves up to date or frequently visit the site for any news.

The meeting will be hold in Salahuddin mosque or any suitable location.
KM is set to serve Kurdish Muslims who only reside within the UK. If you are a UK/European citizen and currently live abroad (temporary or permanently) you may wish to review carefully how this service will facilitate for your needs and whether you should seek alternative help. As a UK citizen, if you intend to relocate back to the UK and search whilst away, then this is something you will need to add to your supporting statement.
As a Wali you are responsible for facilitating prospective couples to meet in person to further their interest and ensure they make an informed decision.

We also recommend you share your knowledge and wisdom with members of the site; this will provide them with confidence and motivation to pursue their interests.
Our verification process requires all users to send a proof of photo ID to validate their profile. Given the nature of this service we are under an obligation to provide you with as much information as possible to allow you to make an informed decision. So we believe it is pivotal to our services that we act accordingly to deter people from creating false profiles or misusing our services for ill purposes.

NOTE: A proof of ID - a document which can prove your identity. This may be a digital picture (providing it is legible) or scanned copy of a driving license or passport.

It is for your added security we use this information to determine uploaded photos and details are in sync. In doing so; we address your concerns about misleading pictures or information when searching the database.

Please note: For all our female members (who observe Niqab/Hijab); we have female staff who will do the verification of each photo ID and process the application.
In keeping with our promises to offer a professional service, our site mandates a picture to be uploaded. We have sought scholarly advice with regards to this predicament. We are fully aware for those who observe the Niqab may feel pressured or uncomfortable with this request.

Please note we have carefully acknowledged this consideration to our advisory panel and have been questioned on this issue from our Ulama who support us, before implementing the idea of including pictures.

We strenuously insist uploading your picture will not compromise your personal vows or commitments to Islam. Our site only allows registered members to participate on the website. Furthermore, only you authorise who can view your picture for a limited period of time; (by positively acting on an interest sent to you or an acceptance of your interest shown to another profile).

Your picture will not be apparent or openly visible from your public profile. It will only be revealed when you actively participate on an interest shown to you or when an interest you have sent is reciprocated.
KM is accountable to all its stakeholders when performing or delivering its core services. In compliance with our ethos and promises made to our stakeholders we cannot authorise uploaded pictures that are absent of Hijab.

Just as we request for females/ sisters who wear the Niqab to upload an appropriate picture, to demonstrate our quality of service. We are compelled to observe best Islamic practices and promote good decorum at all times. Please see question: What if I don’t want to wear Hijab for this site?
Only registered members are allowed to access our site, yet they won’t be able to see your picture. Our site only allows registered members to view each other simultaneously after you show a mutual interest; and/orwhen the Wali is aware of the prospects profile having been offered the chance to review it for themselves. If they are happy for you to continue further, they authorise the viewing of pictures via our administrators.

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) has encouraged people seeking to marry to enquire about them and see what they look like before marriage in a halal manner. This safeguards your privacy and guarantees you modesty is observed. Only your potential match can view your profile image, but only after you agree for us to show your picture, and this comes even after you have seen his/her image.
KM is accountable to all its stakeholders when performing or delivering its core services. In compliance with our ethos and promises made to our stakeholders we cannot authorise uploaded pictures that are absent of Hijab.

Just as we request for females/ sisters who wear the Niqab to upload an appropriate picture, to demonstrate our quality of service. We are compelled to observe best Islamic practices and promote good decorum at all times. Please see question: What if I don’t want to wear Hijab for this site?
KM has promised all its stakeholders and partners to deliver a service that complies with its shared Islamic ethos. We cannot authorise uploaded pictures that are absent of Hijab.

To allow Muslims to participate, we do offer users the opportunity to upload pictures which satisfy our requirements whilst clearly notifying potential prospects that you are only wearing the Hijab for the purpose of this site/ service. We also recommend you address this matter in your supporting statement to avoid false sense of expectation by prospects.
KM works under the premise that it endeavours to provide its members with accurate data about people on the website. We do this for your sense of security.

Please ensure the information you add is truthful and reflects the documentation we require. Applicants who create or use false names will not be able to proceed beyond the verification process. You will be contacted to make necessary amendments. Failure to comply will result in your application being terminated.
We make a significant effort to ensure everyone who uses KM completes their application form in full. We strongly advise people to be honest and not exaggerate details about themselves as they often implicate irrevocable consequences.

However, we cannot be held responsible for people who lie and or do not disclose critical information, particularly of a sensitive nature. We have no way of validating such information and rely on good Islamic conduct. In the event we do find someone misusing our services, we will take full measures to permanently exclude their use and if possible follow this with legal action
If you forget your username/ password, contact us via our report forms online, providing us the necessary information to trace your profile. We will then forward your username/ password via your email or contact number.