In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

How it Works

First of all, this is a special Islamic Kurdish Marriage website for the single Kurdish Muslims wherever they are. It tries to help both sexes in their marriage, according to the Islamic teachings, and tries to facilitate all the necessary steps in registering and searching for the right spouse.
- The website works on the bases of two principles:
First: Only it works on the bases of the Islamic and legal marriage, and it is not a platformfor friendship making, or hidden temporary marriage, or any other sorts ofrelationship out of marriage. Therefore, we only work on the bases of the principle of legal and responsible marriage.   
Second: Currently, all our services are free of charge, and this is for the sake of providing opportunity for all the users of the website. However, in the future, allthe members must pay a quarterly subscription fee. Yet, right away donationsarewelcomed for maintaining and running the website.
Therefore, this website is different than other similar websites in regards to its legal restrictions and how it works too. 


In order for the users to utilise the services of the website, they need to undertake the following:
- You need to register yourself in the required manner.
- The guardian (Wali) can register on behalf of the son or daughter.
- Uploading an unmodified personnel photo, and a form of identification(Passport, Driving Licence). The men have the option to display their photos. But, the ladies are notallowed to do so. However, in both cases, the photos and identifications remain securelysaved by the administration. The administration is consisted from a husband and a wife,a brother and a sister, or two Mahrams and in the following manner:
. The man will keep the mens' photos and identifications.
. The Lady will keep the female members' photos and identifications. 
We need to be sure about the identity of all the registered members. However, a part fromthe relevant administrators, no one will have access to any of their data.
- After making sure by the administratorsabout the identity of the registered person,and his or herseriousness, wewill send them a welcoming email. At the same time willactivate their accounts. Hence, theycan straightaway start browsing the profiles of the registered members of the opposite sex.
- Then the website asks the registered member to enter the characteristic of the idealprospected spouse.
- When a member interested in a profile, the photo of the interested person will be shown to the other member, if s/he too happy with the proposal. For instance, if a man interested in a lady'sprofile, his picture will beshown to the lady by the male admin, of course, after the initial agreement by the lady. In nocircumstancesthe photo will not be sentor given a copy to the lady. Conversely, the picture of the lady that interested in a man's profile will be shown to the man by the admin woman, after the initialagreement by the man. In order to see the photo, the interested members mustattend in person the office of KM on two different occasions allocated by the KM for each of them separately.
- The administrators will contact both parties for any kind of such meetings.
- The meeting with the Wali will be conducted at a designated location, in the presence of a delegated person by the KM.
- Each member has the right to show interest towards three members from the opposite sex at a time.
- As a result and after seeing the photos, the interested member will choose the most suitable member.
- The website has ability to do auto search and suggests the suitable futurespouse according to the preregistered data about the ideal person as a futurespouse.
- As soon as a member visits a profile, the website will notify the owner of the profile that who visited his/her profile.
- When a member shows interest towards any profile, the website will notify the owner of that profile that the person interested in his/her profile. In return, that member too can show interest towards the interested person. Then, the admin withintwo weeks will contact both parties to step forward. Otherwise, the interestedparties can contact the admin committee and remind them.
- In both cases of personal search or automated search, the person can show interest towards the most desired profile to him/her.
- Post revealing the photos to both parties, and the agreement of both sides, the admin committee will arrange for a formal approaching to the family of the girl for the marriage procedure to start.
- After the successful marriage procedure, those who do not mind, can share their successful stories, and deliver their testimony online.

Condition :

  1. Both sides must be serious in seeking marriage.
  2. Both parties must be adherent to the teachings of Islam, and must distance themselves from anything that is not in-line with its teachings.
  3. The girl's guardian (Wali) must be aware of her registry.
  4. All the registered information about the members must be true.
  5. The registered man must be known by a well-known person in the country that they reside.
  6. Temporarily, subscription is free of charge. However, donationsto the site is welcomed.
    Note: Those families who do not want to give information about their sons or daughters directly, they can register them through their guardian (Father, Mother or Brother). Also, we have none registered members service, in which without registering on the website, still by contacting administers could a right spouse be founded for them.

Good luck with marriage process.