What makes Us Different?

This website considers to be one of those that spreads virtue and distances itself from depravity, and adheres strictly to the Islamic morality based on Quran and Sunnah. Therefore, it is a safe haven for those who want to marry without publishing any of their entered information.

Also, all the entered information will be dealt with in a highly secretly manner by a God fearing cadre, where the women information will be dealt with by a female supervisor, and the men information will be dealt with by a male supervisor. The male and female supervisors are either husband and wife, or brother and sister, and the will deal with the requests in secret, seriousness and legitimate manners.

Those Manage the Website

The website is one of Salahuddin Trust activities.

The supervisors of the website are well educated cadres with Islamic and scientific qualifications, and they of a husband and a wife, or a brother and a sister. The reason behind this is to make their coordination easy in dealing with the requests, and Also, to prevent any Islamically prohibited actions.

When the information and the picture of the woman uploaded, they won’t be revealed to anyone but the female supervisor, and they picture will be saved by her and won’t be on the website.

Similarly, the information and the picture of the male applicant will be sent to male supervisor, and the picture won’t be shown on the website, unless the applicant wants to.

This project is distinct

  • Marriage from the same ethnicity and traditions.
  • It would not restrict itself to a single country, rather it extends its services to all the Kurdish communities wherever they are.
  • All the age categories.
  • All status (Bachelors, Divorced, Widowed, Disabled
  • The selection of the couples will be upon the interests of the applicants, and the website will give the chance to the applicants to register their preferred according to: Qualifications, Nationality, Age, Country of Residency, and the type of Residency).
  •  The website rigorously warns any sham marriage for the sake of obtaining residency or a naturalization, or anything else other than a real marriage and creating a family.